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CWF 0521

Hand drawn, slimline contract track suitable for sheers and light to medium weight curtains. Pre-drilled screw holes within channel allow for a discreet, direct ceiling mount using countersunk (3x30 Pan Head) screws. Ceiling bracket or wall bracket options also available. This track can be direct ceiling mounted, without brackets, through pre-drilled screw hole within channel. Pre-drilled holes every 48cm.

CWF 1005

Strong and discreet, the 1005 (4mm) track is an elegant, hand drawn track with a unique advantage due to its compact size. It is small enough to allow a tilt and turn window to open when fitted within the window reveal. Available in four popular colours with coordinating nylon fittings.

CWF 1100

The CWF 1100 is a new single channel contract curtain track suitable for curved applications. The smooth curves, strong ”wings” and small bending radius making it an ideal track for many applications, especially bay windows.If the curtain track is made with bends, the maximum weight limit will be halved.

CWF 2005

The 2005 (4 mm) Track System is a slimline, compact and elegant hand drawn track perfect for either domestic or contract projects. Available in 10 different colour options with colour coordinated nylon fittings and bracket covers, the 2005 Track System is a market leader in manual operated tracks.

CWF 2300

Easy to install, minimalistic and functional, the 2300 Track System is a popular track for hotel contract work due to its competitive price and versatility.

CWF 5001 Designer

The 5001 Designer (6 mm) track is a contemporary, hand drawn curtain track system suitable for both domestic and contract applications. Pair with decorative square brackets to create the ultimate modern look.