Cord Drawn & Chain operated

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CWF 1300

Strong and elegant, the CWF 1300 cord operated track is a light to medium weight curtain track system. Mainly developed for the contract market it is superb for use in hotels, offices and residential homes. Enclosed cord channels ensure the cord does not slip out. Low friction gliders ensure a long lasting easy glide.

CWF 6220

Sleek and contemporary, this high performance corded track is suitable for medium to heavy-weight curtains. Gliders can be easily added or removed by means of an innovative lever release system, without having to dismount the track. Low-friction gliders ensure a long lasting easy glide. Purpose designed for direct ceiling/recess fixing for a neat, attractive track. If the curtain track is made with bends, the maximum weight limit will be halved.

CWF 9001 Pole

The 9001 Pole Track is a unique decorative curtain track system suitable for both domestic and contract applications. Available in a range of colours with contemporary finial and bracket designs, the 9001 Pole Track offers a modern look.Popular as a double curtain pole, it is available as a hand drawn, or single cord or dual cord system. Internal cord wheels allow alow friction, easy glide.


Pre-corded extendible track available in four sizes, complete with gliders, overlap and underlap guides, cord pulley, P-Clip child safety device, wall and ceiling brackets and fitting instructions.


Elegant, hand drawn track with same appearance on both sides for room dividing. Ideal for heavy stage curtains, conference rooms, sports halls and very heavy domestic curtains. Effortless closing of curtains up to 40kg with smooth ball bearing roller gliders and heavy duty pulleys. Can be made up to 18m in length.If the curtain track is made with bends, the maximum weight limit will be halved.