Disposable medical curtain designed to replace existing reusable curtains in healthcare facilities such as hospitals, day surgeries, medical centers and other healthcare facilities. These disposable curtains reduce infection risk due to their anti-bacterial properties and offer a cost effective alternative to purchasing and washing reusable curtains. Complete with ID Label for improved infection control. Supplied with gliders and hooks.
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Applications : Healthcare
Size : W 750cm x H 200cm
Weight : 100 gsm
Colours : Blue
Style : Folded, Plain
Construction: 100% Recyclable polypropylene curtain, glider and hooks
Flame Resistant : Type C of BS5867-2:2008, BS EN ISO 15025: 2002.
Anti-bacterial : ISO 20743:2007
Infection control: ID label
Packing Details : 10 pcs / set size
box: 108 cm x 34cm x 36.5cm (and according to customers’ requirements).
Standard components: 100% Recyclable disposable curtain with gliders and hooks
Additional accessories:

6095: Filler for easy glider access,

6096:Notching tool for cubicle rail.