CWF 6220

Sleek and contemporary, this high performance corded track is suitable for medium to heavy-weight curtains. Gliders can be easily added or removed by means of an innovative lever release system, without having to dismount the track. Low-friction gliders ensure a long lasting easy glide. Purpose designed for direct ceiling/recess fixing for a neat, attractive track. If the curtain track is made with bends, the maximum weight limit will be halved.

Applications : Domestic, Contract
Control : Cord drawn, Hand drawn
Cord options : Single, Dual, Multi-
Bend options : Yes
Ceiling mount : Yes
Wall mount : Yes
Colours : White
Accessories : Plastic/metal
Track width : 6 mm
Ext. dimensions : W21.2 mm x
H25 mm
Length : 600 cm
Load : Maximum 22 kg*
Bending: 47 cm radius
Recommended glider: 622663:Roller
glider with steel axle, 5730,5735,
6220 Standard (unless speci ed):
• Single cord RHS
• Split draw
• 250cm cord drop
• Ceiling fix bracket
• Roller glider, steel axle